Simple Pump header: Logo and slogan - 'The Modern Hand Water Pump'.

Cutaway 3-D view of a Simple Pump hand pump and the pump cylinder.Why Simple Pump?

Hand-operated or Motorized

Modern, Reliable, Affordable, Versatile

Shallow or Deep Well

Frost proof

A weep hole allows the water to drop 4' (or more, if necessary in your area). Many Simple Pumps are working in hard-freeze areas, even Northern Canada and Alaska.

Easy to use

Only takes 12 lbs. of force to pump from 100 feet. Or you can choose the optional 36" lever arm and cut even that in half! It's so effortless, a child can use it in many wells. To the best of our knowledge, EVERY other hand pump takes MUCH more effort, to pump from any given depth.

And Simple Pump can go much deeper than competitors --- nearly twice as far... pumping from 325 feet static water level.

Plus it's so efficient, you can easily hand-pump into your pressurized houshold plumbing. (or irrigation system, or uphill)

Easy to install

Many homeowners install their own pump, in a couple of hours. A helper is recommended for ease of installation and extra security.

You don't need any specialized tools or heavy-duty winch or hoist, as with many hand pumps.

You can, of course, have installation done by your local professional installer.

Plus no cutting or gluing of PVC required, as commonly happens. With no gluing, a Simple Pump installation has maximum strength.


Simple Pump is considerably more affordable than comparable pumps.

Precision manufacture means less wear and tear - which means longer life. So the pump costs very little to maintain. On average, you only need to replace a set of seals once every 5 years, at a cost of only $20 or $25 (depending on pump model).

Simple Pump with motor.Motorized Use

Unique upgrade path to motorized use. No other hand pump can do this.

You can buy the motorized version now, or easily extend the hand pump's capabilities with the motor extension kit AT ANY POINT IN THE FUTURE. Great with solar.

Unmatched durability

Designed to last at least 50 years, it could be the only manual water pump you'll ever buy! The hand pump comes with a five-year warranty.

Simple Pump logo.For the combination of quality, features, hand/motor/solar ability in one pump and moderate price, there’s nothing that can match it.


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