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Simple Pump: 12v or 24v DC Motor

From standalone motor to complete solar motor systems.
Add to hand pump now or later.

Photo of motor on pump: 150GM Motor Extension KitWhen you need a water pump for larger jobs, just convert your Simple Pump manual water pump into a motorized pump. Our 1/5hp and 1/4hp DC motor attachments quickly bolts on to operate reliably in any climate.

In addition to all of Simple Pump's design advantages, the motor attachment is made with uncompromising efficiency and durability.

You can easily upgrade an existing hand-operated pump to a motor because of our highly-accurate computer-machined parts. Always identical computer machining assures precise part-to-part fit — even years in the future. The mounting of the motor takes only a few minutes, and you can just as easily go back to hand-operation, if ever necessary.

Driving the Motor

Any source of 12v or 24v DC current can then be used to drive the motor.

Running on Solar

Simple Pump is so power-efficient, it can, in many areas, be run from one 130W solar panel. In cloudier areas, two panels may be needed.

Recommended operation is to use the solar to charge batteries and run the motor from the batteries.

What about a Windmill?

Your source of DC could be a windmill driving a generator to charge batteries to drive your motor. We have been asked a few time about direct mechanical connection from a windmill to an unmotorized pump. This is possible but not recommended, for two reasons:
1. You have no power when the wind isn't blowing. Not a great option when you want a secure, reliable water supply.
2. We cannot warranty the pump when it is being driven by a mechanical connection of your construction.

Simple Pump™ DC Motor Features

The motor operates on a 12-15 volt DC power source. For many people, that means solar.

The power source can also be another DC source such as an automotive or deep cycle marine battery, a DC generator, an idling tractor or pickup truck.

(If you are interested in solar power for your motor, please indicate that when you fill out the Get-A-Quote form.)

Operating Depth

Model 125 with with motor - good to a static water level of ~150 feet.
Model 100 pump with motor - good to a static level of ~225 feet.
(Subtract 100 feet from both if pressurizing a domestic water system to 50psi or pumping water 100 feet vertical uphill.)


The mechanism is fully enclosed in stainless steel for ultimate outdoor protection.

Solar panel photo. Motor can work from battery, or directly from the solar panel.Safe

The motor is fuse-protected (25 amp glass fuse) and has its own on/off pivot switch for safety. Switch and fuse are mounted in the SS cabinet face. (Switch and fuse can be deleted if alternative controls are used.)

Extremely Efficient

The motor’s use of power is frugal, yet it does mighty things. The Motorized Extension Kit produces up day's water! ... for Just Pennies a Day!

We'll help you figure everything out

Just send us the details of your situation and needs with our Get-A-Quote form. We'll prepare a recommendation and quote. Or you are very welcome to phone us (number below).


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